Housing - Outdoor, Pendant Mount, Clear & Tinted Dome
The EVI-FDP8C3 is an outdoor, pendant mount, clear dome housing equipped with a blower and thermostatically controlled heater. The input power for this housing is 54 watts at 24VAC. The housing is manufactured from a high-impact UV protected engineered plastic with a UL flame rating of 94VO. The dome is made of a thermoformed, optically clear, cell-cast acrylic material and is also available in a tinted dome version (model # EVI-OD8T3). The dome is held in place with a minimum of 3 fasteners and a safety cable that is provided to hold the dome while servicing. Access to the enclosure is from below with 3 captive fasteners used to press the dome against a sealing O-ring. A twist-off feature allows for the final removal of the dome. A RCA male to BNC patch cable and mounting bracket are supplied. All incoming wires enter through the top of the housing. The engineered plastic top, with its reflective white paint insulates internal equipment. The blower on the EVI-FDP8C3 and EVI-OD8T3 housings shall draw 1.4W continuous power. The 27W heater shall turn on at 40°F and turn off at 60°F. The housing shall support a temperature range of -20° to 110°F. An optional gooseneck wall mount bracket (model # SNC-WM20G) is available for applications requiring a wall mount.