TME32A Tatung TME32A LED Monitor

Tatung TME32A LED Monitor
31.5" LED Mountable Monitor

  • $623.75

Perfect for all of your surveillance needs, the TME32A LED 31.5" monitor includes a base with a depth of 8.5" for any desktop or table but is also wall mountable. With its 1920x1080 full resolution, it lets you recognize faces and objects, and view activities being captured by surveillance cameras.

Tatung TME32A LED Mountable Monitor

  • 1920 x 1080 screen resolution
  • Contrast ratio of 1200:1
  • Audio input and output
  • HDMI, BNC, and USB connections available

The Tatung TME32A LED Monitor gives you more value for your money with its three-year warranty from Tatung for your convenience. But more than this, it makes use of LED – a new technology – as backlight system. It is known to consume less power (estimated to be at 40%) than a typical LCD monitor. LED monitors are also well- received because of their high quality pictures. Viewers get to enjoy the colors and details of the images. This tool is also eco-friendly.

The Tatung TME32A LED Monitor is specifically suitable to employees whose job is to keep their eyes on security cameras for long hours as it minimizes the risk of experiencing tired eyes because it is ‘friendlier’ to the eyes. Tired eyes, when not address as it should be, may affect the performance of the watcher or user and may therefore place your property at risk.

The Tatung TME32A LED Monitor includes USB port that can be used for standalone digital signage applications. Simply load digital signage content onto a thumb drive, insert in the one of the two USB ports in the monitor, select USB from the source menu, and watch your signage displayed in beautiful HD 1080P! It also supports JPEG, MP3 and MPEG-4 formats.

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