WAT-910HX-EIA Watec WAT-910HX/J (EIA)

Watec WAT-910HX/J (EIA)
This Ultra Light, dark-field camera is one of a kind with its noise reduction capabilities, high sensitivity, and 0.000005 lux sensitivity.

  • $687.50

USA Security Systems offers the Watec WAT-910HX monochrome camera. This low-light, dark-field camera is truly above its class with its excellent 3D noise reduction capabilities and high sensitivity at 0.000005 lux. The Watec WAT-910HX has a reliable motion detection feature and a digital wide dynamic range for a highly favorable viewing experience. It is specifically designed to various lighting conditions through frame loss compensation.

Order the Watec WAT-910HX before 2pm Mountain time and we will have it shipped within the same day. USA Security Systems constantly updates and re-stock the inventory to avoid running out of stock.

  • 1/2" interline transfer CCD image sensor
  • Internal synchronizing system
  • Composite video output
  • Noise reduction
  • White blemish correction
  • Black light compensation

Note: This camera does not include a remote control.