WAT1000NTSC Watec WAT - 1000 NTSC

Watec WAT - 1000 NTSC
When your application calls for a camera to react and compensate, providing high resolution and a stable image, look to the WAT-1000 for assurance of flawless stabilized picture quality. Watec’s new WAT 1000 wide dynamic range day-night camera offers the user the ability to apply this unit to nearly any light condition with assurance to view clear, true color producing images. The WAT1000 will provide you crisp line definition, high resolution color images even when this camera faces compromising light conditions; ensuring your Team the ability to identify threats and accurately distinguish facial features.With user friendly OSD (on screen display) and RS232C interface the user is provided full access to this units’ controls making it the perfect camera for any application.
  • $839.00