* New Sony FCB-H11 1/3″ HD CMOS Specs now available

For months there have been rumors about the new, highly anticipated Sony HD block camera that is to follow on the heals of its predecessor, the FCB-H10. Last week, Sony released the new specifications for the new FCB-H11 color block camera. The new addition to Sony’s line of block camera is equipped with a 1/3-type, […]

* Tamron 12x, 1/4″ CCD Mini Dome Camera- DCV12/ DCV12PR4

In April, Tamron released their new mini-dome Industrial Camera, the DCV12NR. This new product comes on the heels of the rapidly growing, highly diversified dome camera market. Using its sophisticated resources acquired through long-term development and sales of high resolution/high quality lenses, Tamron now offers a high-definition mini-dome camera with a variety of unique features. […]