CCTVs in the Streets: Five Cities That Will Literally Watch Your Every Move

Despite being a controversial issue, the use of CCTVs and other surveillance camera systems is ever-increasing. The ethics of using security cameras in city centers and other public places, such as main streets, highways, alleys, and parks, is still being widely debated up until now. This is because surveillance systems have plenty of advantages and disadvantages. Those […]

CCTVs and Other Business Security Systems Do More Than Just Catch Thieves, Good Samaritans Get Caught Doing Random Acts of Kindness Too

Most businesses need security cameras to avoid any would-be perpetrators from actualizing their sinister plans. The most advanced business security systems have the capability to capture videos even in the harshest, low-light environment to ensure that even the smallest details can be seen and noticed by both business owners and surveillance personnel. Every move, every corner, every spot […]

How a Business Surveillance System Can Help Protect Your Establishment and Save You Money at the Same Time

While there are businesses that seem to be operating fine without surveillance cameras around their establishment, they won’t be for long. For one, a commercial property without any security measures is an easy target for criminals. They are the first on robbers’ priority list, because breaking in wouldn’t be much of a threat to them. […]

Introducing Products from Bolide!

Finding the right cable or network video recorder (NVR) for your networking application can prove to be a hassle. What do you pick? What is best? What is the cost to quality comparison? Look no further! We’ve recently added products from Bolide Technology Group to our website.  With so many cables to choose from, let’s […]

7 Must Have Items for Your PTZ Camera

Have you taken a look at purchasing a PTZ camera? Have you finally tracked down the model you want but now need the accessories to make your camera all that you need it to be? At USA Security Systems there are a wide range of accessories available that make your camera’s ideal application possible. Check […]

Protecting Your PTZ Camera

ACH13WM Now that I’ve bought my new camera system, how can I protect it from harsh weather conditions and/or vandals? This is one of the more popular questions we receive from our customers which is why, when it comes to protecting your investment, we offer our customers a wide range of camera housing choices to […]

Linking Technology to the Hospital Room

Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) are now installing cameras that enable parents to view their newborns from mobile devices (iPhones, iPads, Blackberrys). St. Jude Medical Center, University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical Center, Deaconess Women’s Hospital (Newburgh, In) and Parkview Community Hospital Medical Center (Riverside, CA) are a few of the first hospitals in the country […]