7 Must Have Items for Your PTZ Camera

Have you taken a look at purchasing a PTZ camera? Have you finally tracked down the model you want but now need the accessories to make your camera all that you need it to be? At USA Security Systems there are a wide range of accessories available that make your camera’s ideal application possible. Check out the 7 must have items that no PTZ owner should ever go without!

1. Daisychain VISCA Cables

Daisychain VISCA Cables make using controllers such as the RMBR300 highly convenient with cable lengths available from 6 to 100 feet. The dual 8pin Mini-Din plug ends also makes connecting multiple cameras to a single source possible.

Sony VISCA Cable - PTZ Cameras Must Have
Sony VISCA Cable

2. Sony VISCA Cables

While the Sony VISCA cable was made to function in a similar fashion to the Daisychain VISCA, this cable allows you to connect your camera directly to your computer with its 9 pin D-Sub end and 8 pin Mini-Din plug for the actual camera. These cables come in a variety of lengths, extending from 6 to 100 feet.

3. BNC Cables

BNC cables are always in high demand as they commonly connect PTZ cameras to a video capture device, such as a video capture card. Choose from 6, 12, or 25 feet in length for your BNC cable.

4. S-Video Cables

The final cable for your PTZ cameras is the S-Video cable. Connect your color camera to your computer for a direct high-quality picture. There are 5 different lengths available, ranging from 6 to 100 feet.

5. Wall & Ceiling Mounts

CAMWMBKTDH - PTZ Cameras Must Have

From large houses of worship to a small office conference room, there are a wide variety of mounts available to suit your needs. Earlier this week we were glad to announce that we are now selling wall mounts from Telemetrics such as the CAMWMBKTDH. This particular wall mount allows you to elevate your camera without the fear that your new investment may come crashing down due to an unreliable mount. The CAMWMBKTDH can support the EVI-HD1, EVI-HD7V, and EVI-HD3V from Sony.

6. Housings

Many of our customers utilize their PTZ cameras for outdoor security due to their ease in use, but many face the fear that bad weather or vandalism will damage their new investment. One of many housings available include the EVI-FDP8C3, which was made for the outdoors and contains a blower and thermostatically controlled heater. The EVI-FDP8C3 was also engineered to resist high-impact UV rays and has a UL flame rating of 94VO. This particular model is perfect for EVI-D70 Pan Tilt Zoom cameras.

7. Controllers

KT&C KTX-1200 - PTZ Cameras Must Have
KT&C KTC-1200

From Telemetrics, Sony, and KT&C, you have your pick of camera controllers for your P/T/Z camera. THE KT&C KTX-1200 comes with multiple communication protocols, an LCD display, as well as battery or wall charging options. The 3-Axis proportional joystick on the controller allows for a large range of control with the camera.

There you have it! 7 items every PTZ camera owner must have! Be sure to check out what other monitors and DVRs we have that can enhance your user experience even further.

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