ACH13HBN Videolarm/Moog ACH13HBN Outdoor Environmental Housing

Videolarm/Moog ACH13HBN Outdoor Environmental Housing
IP Network Ready Outdoor environmental housing with metal wall/pole mount, for an IP Network security camera, MCL 10.5"


Surveillance cameras also need protection and they require coverings like the ACH13HBN Outdoor Environmental Housing.

ACH13HBN Outdoor Environmental Housing has a robust construction – from the top (aluminium) to its dome (polycarbonate with paint shield) to its mount bracket (machined and cast aluminium) – that you can be sure of excellent protection for your IP camera. It is IP Network ready with two types of power sources: 24vac model [24vac 40watts (H/B 27 watts)] and 12vdc model [12vdc, 50 watts (includes 20 watts for heater)]. ACH13HBN Outdoor Environmental Housing consists of metal wall/pole mount.

There’s nothing to worry if you have cameras outside of the premises because ACH13HBN Outdoor Environmental Housing is specifically and excellently designed for that purpose. It can withstand different weather conditions. If there’s a change in climate, this accessory piece can adapt automatically. Operating temperature is -20°F to 120°F (-29°C to 49°C). To keep the viewing window clear, heater begins to activate at 60° F (15° C) and deactivates at 80°F (26° C) during cold weather conditions and blower turns on at 110° F (43° C) and turns off at 80° F (26° C) during hot weather climates.

Finding an IP camera that can work with ACH13HBN Outdoor Environmental Housing is trouble-free. It is compatible with several combinations of lens and cameras, you can easily find a surveillance camera that will fit inside. It also opens easily and includes a side hinge so the person who will install, repair or examine it can access it without difficulty. The option to go wireless is also available.

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