BE8016P Bolide BE8016P 1 Channel Passive Video Transceiver

Bolide BE8016P 1 Channel Passive Video Transceiver
The Bolide BE-DR-AD300 1 Channel Passive Video Transceiver
The Bolide Technology Group BE8016P converts a standard video signal coming over a BNC cable into the type of signal recognizable by a UTP cable. Along with color and B/W video, this unit will also convert alarm and camera control signals for transmission over the same UTP cable. By installing a UTP transmitter at the source end and a UTP converter at the receiving end, users will be able to send high resolution color or B/W analog video plus control signals over relatively long distances via a single UTP cable. In addition to allowing longer cable runs, UTP supports multi-video channels and is also less costly when compared to a BNC cable of the same length. These advantages make UTP the cable of choice for professional CCTV operations.


  • The device is capable of receiving and transmitting video signals over UTP wire without using the power supply
  • Enables cost-effective, point-to-point transmission application. Adopts Twisted Pair Wiring, providing low cost and easy installation
  • Provides noise interference restrain design and permitting stable images
  • The Max receiving and transmitting distance is 600M(B/W)
  • Built-in transient protection design, needless to use a ground connection