BINTSPRO Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro (BINTSPRO)

Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro (BINTSPRO)
Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro (BINTSPRO)
  • $199.00
The Blackmagic team has manufactured revolutionary editing card, a first in the industry, that has both an HDMI and an analog component, as well as PAL / NTSC and S-Video playback and capture capabilities. It is a fine addition to any security system, as it provides both standard and HD editing when using video projectors and large screen televisions. It works with both compressed and uncompressed SD and HD videos, along with the following compressed codecs: ProRes, JPEG, HDV, DV, DVCPRO HD, and DVCPRO 50. The Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro can be used right from an editing software for real-time processing of effects, particularly in Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro. It runs on three major operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux).


  • Digital & Analog Editing
  • NTSC & PAL
  • Audio Support
  • Windows 7 and up & Mac