M12VG412 Tamron M12VG412 1/2" 4-12mm F/1.4 Mega Pixel, DC Auto Iris CCTV Lens

Tamron M12VG412 1/2" 4-12mm F/1.4 Mega Pixel, DC Auto Iris CCTV Lens
Buy the Tamron M12VG412 Ultra High Definition Vari-Focal 1/2" 4-12mm F/1.4 Mega Pixel, DC Auto Iris CCTV Lens at USA Security Systems for a discounted price.

  • $99.00
Buy the Tamron M12VG412 ultra high definition vari-focal CCTV lens from USA Security Systems if you want to get the most out of your megapixel security cameras.

Brought to you by Tamron, a renowned manufacturer of superior quality photographic lenses, optical components, and industrial-use optics, the Tamron M12VG412 is an excellent addition to Tamron's line of professional grade lenses for megapixel camera applications.

Tamron utilizes the most advanced and revolutionary optical design technology to perfect the megapixel compatibility of cameras to the lenses they manufacture.

Expect only high resolution images and high contrast in the images it captures, from the periphery to the very center. Its use of aspherical lens allows it to reduce any abnormalities in the images captured.

The Tamron M12VG412 is a shining example of Tamron's success in making the lenses more compact and efficient. There are multiple layers in the lenses to avoid instances of ghosting and flare in backlit situations, paving the way for consistently high quality images.

The Tamron M12VG412 CCTV lens features super high resolution, compatible with 3 mega-pixels for high quality images in full visible and near-IR spectrums without any degradation in performance.

  • 4.0-12mm F1.4-360
  • Auto Iris (DC)
  • Manual Zoom w/lock
  • C-Mount

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