Watec-WAT-902H3-ULTIMATE Monochrome Analog Industrial Camera

Monochrome Analog Industrial Camera
Monochrome Analog, Industrial Camera
  • $334.00
The WAT-902H3 ULTIMATE (1/3" format) is the newest and lowest light gathering analog monochrome camera offered by Watec. With practical application in mind, Watec redesigned the base platform of the 902 series cameras to gain more sensitivity and make available functionality control of the camera providing the user the ability to apply this camera to nearly any application requiring near IR visibility and full camera control.


  • 1/3" B/W CCD
  • 570 Lines
  • Auto Iris
  • Ultra Compact & Lightweight
  • 0.0005 Lux
  • Manual Gain Control
  • Manual Back-Light Compensation