10031-001 dPict Aexeon 10031-001 LT Framegrabber - PCI Standard Bracket

dPict Aexeon 10031-001 LT Framegrabber - PCI Standard Bracket
Aexeon Lt PCI Standard bracket
  • $395.00

USA Security Systems offers the Aexeon LT 10031-001 PCI Standard Bracket from dPict Imaging. This particular video acquisition board is specifically designed for standard definition analog cameras and is in PCI format. The Aexeon LT 10031-001 frame grabber has a TI DM642 digital media processor and an on-board 32MB SDRAM frame buffer for reliable and consistent capture.

The Aexeon LT 10031-01 supports both composite and S-video inputs, with a high quality 10-bit input digitization through either square pixel or CCIR-601 format.

Aexeon LT is a low cost, full-featured PCI video frame grabber board for analog camera solutions.  Aexeon LT accepts composite, S-video, both NTSC and PAL formats and digitizes in both square pixel and CCIR-601 resolutions.




  • PCI Form Factor
  • On-board DSP for Robust Performance
  • Up to 3 Composite, 1 S-Video,
  • Supports 2000, XP, Vista & Windows 7 (32Bit)
  • Scatter gather DMA support
  • PCI 2.2 compliant, 5V and 3, 3V universal slot
  • PCI Express x 1 connector
  • Video Digitization
  • NTSC / PAL
  • High quality 10-bit Digitization
  • Square pixel and ITU-601 resolution support
  • Software programmable control of gain, offset, hue, saturation and sharpness
  • Available Software Developers Kit
  • Compatible with dVeloper SDK
  • DirectDraw and DirectShow support
  • TWAIN Support
  • dPiction Windows-based capture application
  • Sample applications with source code