Best All Around Controller For All Your Security Camera Needs

The AVP JKC-1500 VISCA controller is undeniably a great Joystick-Keyboard Controller, setting a new standard in the market and often surpassing the capabilities of Sony’s own camera controller models.

Crafted to seamlessly integrate with Sony EVI, SRG, and FCB camera series models. It’s joy stick design and custom keys empower users to manage and control multiple camera functions, making it the ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

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Camera Control Of Any Applications Dreams

Whether you’re in the world of video conferencing, managing meeting rooms, conducting classes in educational institutions, working in television broadcasting, or ensuring security and surveillance in businesses, large or small, the AVP JKC-1500 stands ready to meet your needs.

It boasts an impressive choice of 26 preset camera options, giving users precise control over their camera systems. With the controller’s “on-screen” display menu, managing up to 7 cameras is a breeze, offering convenient in-screen switching between them. Moreover, this controller is designed to adapt and grow with your application. You can effortlessly incorporate additional cameras as your needs evolve, all within your budget. As part of your purchase, you will receive a power adapter and RS232 cables.

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