Axis Network Camera Up To Any Challenges

In places like Arizona, Nevada, parts of California and even more humid heat places like Florida, Georgia, etc. conditions can get rough on anyone who has to be outside for long periods and absorb that heat, but especially so for electrical equipment including network cameras.  If you are in the market for an outdoor network […]

Tru-Vu VMW-21.5R: Rugged Industrial Monitor for Harsh Environments

When it comes to heavy-duty applications such as machine vision and various forms of product inspection things get rough. Environments aren’t very conducive to electronic components, especially when involving any kind of liquids or sticky substances. For industrial strength solutions, you need powerful industrial strength monitors and the Tru-Vu VMW-21.5R is made to get dirty and take […]

Better ViewZ on Security with the VZ-19CME

When using cameras, it’s crucial to have a security monitor that can deliver crystal-clear images, minimizing blur and artifacts. The images the camera captures, assuming it’s capable, have to be unmistakably clear so that the person or people viewing the footage have no doubts about what they are seeing and can take decisive action or […]

High Performance Lens for High Performance Applications

The Tamron 13VM286 is a high performance lens, that can complete everything from the simpler tasks of giving a wide 80° angle view and a fast aperture on cameras for hobby or photography, or to providing a better view on industrial applications such as inspection, surveillance, machine vision. Any camera application that can benefit from […]