Watec’s Low Light Camera Checks Off All the Boxes

When you are shopping for a low light camera that checks off all the boxes there are multiple factors that come into play when making a decision on such an important task. Most importantly, the question of what will be the best overall camera to ensure security, including but not limited to things such as […]

Auto Tracking All Weather PTZ Camera Ready For Anything

  The InVid Tech VIS-P2PTZXIR30 has an endless list of amazing features and specs that show off how much technology it packs into such an affordable and well-built package, this auto tracking all weather PTZ camera is ready for anything with capabilities designed for the outdoors like a 30x optical zoom (16x digital), smart extended […]

A Guide to Camera Mount Options

  Support is a big thing in a lot of aspects of life and camera mounts are no different, that’s why we decided to come up with a guide to camera mount options because choosing the right mount can be a huge difference in getting sturdy and sometimes even waterproof/dustproof support or getting a broken […]

Tatung’s Monster Of A Monitor Always Performs

Tatung’s Monster Of A Monitor Always Performs very well even for long periods of time with crystal clear images. The TME50 50” (diagonal) has the highest resolution of 1920 X 1080 resolution and is a solid standout with its superior LED high definition display that offers an 8ms (millisecond) response time so that images are viewed with […]

Plug in and go worry free with the Axis M3045-V

  When we say plug in and go worry free there is no more fitting description than that for powerhouse that is Axis communications and the M3045-V is a fitting example of how they are able to squeeze so much technology and value into a camera that is far more affordable than most competitors especially […]

Outstanding Surveillance Viewing Experience with the Tatung TLM-2601PVM-W 26-Inch LCD Monitor

For those in the security and surveillance industry, it is common knowledge that capturing images of a particular area or location and storing them in a drive until it is needed is not enough. With the number of crimes that are being committed in business establishments and industrial facilities, it is important to have round-the-clock […]