These new pan/tilt/zoom cameras will be available for shipment in December. There are four models to choose from VB-H41, VB-H610VE, VB-H61OD and the VB-H710F all are full HD IP Security Cameras. The new models are designed to meet the security needs of financial institutions, casinos, schools, retail stores, government agencies and many more industries where security is an issue.


For the purpose of this blog, let’s concentrate on the benefits directed towards the financial industry and casinos. The financial industry because that’s where I spent most of my adult life before the economy tanked, and the casinos because they’re fun! The next time you enter either one of these establishments, note the number of cameras you see….

Canon camera most suited for this is the VBH710F. As you may or may not know, the ATM has a hidden camera like the VBH41; but don’t worry, your PIN is safe because of the Privacy Mask that blocks sensitive information.  The Privacy Mask function is a feature on all four models.



As anyone who has frequented a casino knows, there is a lot going on at one time; if you look up, you will see security cameras incased in dome housings. This gives security a 360 degree view of the area covered by each camera. The Canon VBH610D dome camera is designed for indoor use while the VBH610VE is vandal resistant which makes it suitable for outdoor use.

Now the next time you enter either one of these businesses be on your best behavior and smile because you’re on candid camera!

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