High Performance Lens for High Performance Applications

The Tamron 13VM286 lens is a high performance, that can complete everything from the simpler tasks of giving a wide 80° angle view and a fast aperture on cameras for hobby or photography, or to providing a better view on industrial applications such as inspection, surveillance, machine vision. Any application that can benefit from a […]

Internet Protocol (IP) Cameras – What Does the Future Bring?

By definition, IP (Internet Protocol) cameras are networked digital video cameras that transmit data over a fast Ethernet link. IP cameras, or “network cameras” are usually used for IP surveillance, and are a digitized and networked version of closed-circuit television (CCTV). IP cameras are readily used for surveillance in both residential and business applications, and […]

Pentax Line of CCTV Lenses – Quality with Reliability

Whether it’s in a bank, traffic, office, factory, city or home, the CCTV lens is a critical part in security, monitoring, and factory automation CCTV systems. Pentax Security offers several types of lens available to meet the needs of your application including; Monofocal Lenses Monofocal Manual Iris Lens   C60402TH (H416) – 1/2″, 4.2mm, F1.6-C, […]