CCTVs and Other Business Security Systems Do More Than Just Catch Thieves, Good Samaritans Get Caught Doing Random Acts of Kindness Too

Most businesses need security cameras to avoid any would-be perpetrators from actualizing their sinister plans. The most advanced business security systems have the capability to capture videos even in the harshest, low-light environment to ensure that even the smallest details can be seen and noticed by both business owners and surveillance personnel.

Every move, every corner, every spot you can ever think of can now be monitored 24/7 thanks to these brilliant innovations. From pan/tilt/zoom cameras to HD CCTVs, there are so many surveillance systems available for various applications that it isn’t so hard anymore to keep track of what’s happening on a business establishment on the other side of the world even when you’re thousands of miles away.

For the common individual, it is slightly alarming to think that anyone can track you and watch you get out of your house, drive to the nearest shopping center, purchase your groceries, drop by a clothing store for some quick shopping, and drive back to your house—all by using various surveillance systems and creating a video compilation of your daily routine.

Setting aside this fear among some individuals, we have to admit how much impact CCTVs and security cameras have on ensuring the safety of the employees and customers in any given commercial establishment with security cameras installed. Although countless crimes may have been prevented by these small technological wonders and have put many robbers and other criminals in their proper places, they have also captured an overwhelming number of good deeds performed by random strangers.

Without the help of these video surveillance systems, there would be no proof that these events did actually happen. More importantly, people would not be able to share it with the world and inspire others to be more kind to those around them. One of the most popular videos uploaded on YouTube that has caused quite a stir is the Coca-Cola advertisement that features the other side of humanity—kindness. With a length of a minute and 22 seconds, the video is able to feature various clips showcasing random acts of kindness and other heartwarming activities of individuals all over the globe.

It’s a montage of CCTV footage from various sources and Coca-Cola has managed to successfully turn it into a powerful inspirational video. While it is terrifying and hair-raising to see criminals in action, it is very much comforting and inspiring to see an outpour of kindness through security cameras.

Some of the most memorable scenes include a guy stealing a kiss from his significant other,  honest “pickpockets” who return whatever they find to the rightful owners, people who give or share their food to those who have none, couples kissing passionately (let’s consider this as an act of kindness to the people receiving the kisses), and those folks who help move a sofa across the street, as well as those who helped pushed a car that won’t start.

Catching People’s Immediate Response to Crimes, Accidents, and Disasters

There are even those scenes where you see crimes, accidents and disasters happening and where probably some security and surveillance team have already picked up their phones to call the authorities but have witnessed something heroic before their very eyes. There was this one part in the ad where somebody has his car on fire but does not have the equipment to put it out. Thankfully, a guy comes rushing to his help carrying a fire extinguisher, which he then uses to put it out before anyone gets hurt.

Perhaps many would agree that one of the most amazing scenes in the clip are the death defying acts of those people that fought crimes even when they were not even obliged to do. One good example is the guy who jaw-droppingly saved a life or more by pushing a motor vehicle stuck on a railroad track out of the train’s way, just in the nick of time.

Another fine testament to humanity’s selflessness, which is underrated nowadays thanks to the sensationalizing of various crimes by the media, is that part where people tried to stop crimes and accidents from happening, from jumping a robber at a convenience store to a guy risking his own life to save a poor little puppy from being run over.

What is so interesting about this particular ad is that it gives people a chance to see things that you don’t normally expect to see in video surveillance systems. Even for a paid advertisement, it manages to remind people that the world isn’t such a bad place and that there are still plenty of do-gooders out there.

Looking at the World through a Different Looking Glass

Ultimately, what the ad is trying to tell us is that we should “look at the world differently,” that yes, there are crimes happening as you read this post, but at the same time, there are also a lot of good Samaritans spreading the love to strangers and helping people they barely know.

Perhaps the most interesting realization that not a lot of people might have come to terms yet is that while some of us turn a blind eye to this spectacular phenomenon, inanimate objects such as closed-circuit televisions and security cameras are capturing these astonishing feats made by our fellow human beings. These things have such an unfettered access to our daily routines and activities that we can now use it for more than just security.

It does not only help deliver justice to those who seek it, it also can be used to inspire and motivate those people who place little trust on their fellow men and women. Although it is understandable for them to be like that because of the crimes plastered all over their TV screens almost every time they switch to news channels, it would be unfair to those who are doing the opposite to think that the world is not a safe place to live in. As long as we try our best to help those around us whenever we can, there is no stopping what we can accomplish in this world.