Control Your PTZ Cameras With Precision and Ease With Telemetric’s Intelligent Controller

For steadier and more precise camera control for your own application, Sony and Telemetrics as well as Aegis Electronic Group Inc offers PTZ cameras and an intelligent controller or “joystick” used to control the operation of analog PTZ surveillance cameras as well as IP PTZ cameras.

The Telemetrics Camera Control Panel CPITV4S is an RS-232 serial desktop control panel designed to manage up to 4 of Sony’s EVI and BRC line PTZ cameras including EVI-HD1 (EVIHD1), EVI-HD3 (EVIHD3), EVI-HD7 (EVIHD7), EVI-H100 (EVIH100), EVI-D90 (EVID90), EVI-D80 (EVID80), EVI-D100 (EVID100), EVI-D70 (EVID70), BRC-Z330 (BRCZ330), BRC-Z700 (BRCZ700), BRC-H700 (BRCH700) and BRC-H900 (BRCH900).  This controller provides smooth and simultaneous performance of your PTZ camera, it offers controls for focus and iris with six stored presets focus positions including zoom, speed and bright & dark exposure.

Telemetrics, Sony and USA Security Systems provide the best products at cost effective prices.  Also check out our accessories such as daisy chain cables to connect your PTZ and control all with the simple to use joystick at our website

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