We Love Education! School Purchase Orders Are Welcome!

USA Security Systems welcomes the opportunity to supply our security products and offer our expertise to educational institutions worldwide (K-12, Community Colleges, Universities, Trade Schools and more!). Orders of all sizes are welcome and purchase orders are accepted! To proceed with your purchase, please fax your purchase order to 920-834-3255 or you can email it to info@usasecuritysystems.com.

If your organization does not have a purchase order system, please print your request for the products you wish to purchase on your school's letterhead and fax it to us.

All purchase orders must include the following information:

  • • Purchase Order number
  • • Complete Bill-to and Ship-to addresses
  • • Purchasing agent / buyer’s contact information including phone number, email and contact address
  • • All purchase orders must be signed
  • • Complete description of the product being ordered, including product name, part number and price.
  • • The quantity of units you would like to order
  • • Your company’s Accounts Payable contact person (name, email, phone number)
  • • Whether or not this order is for export outside of the United States

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 920-834-3256 or Send Email and we will be glad to help.