* ELMO PTC-100S 1/4" CCD Network P/T/Z Camera with 22x Optical Zoom

ELMO industrial P/T/Z cameras keep you connected with the latest features including daisy chain capabilities, bi-directional audio, zoom and on-screen display. 22x OPTICAL ZOOM FOR DETAILED IMAGE CAPTURE The PTC-100S features a high-performance 22x optical zoom, the most powerful in its class. Unlike electronic zooms, which simply enlarge part of an image without adding any detail, optical zooms increase the focal length of the lens, allowing the camera to clearly capture objects in full detail without causing pixelated effects. Image clarity is further ensured with the PTC-100S’s high picture resolution of more than 460 TV (horizontal) lines. Full auto focus and manual focus modes are available. EASY IMAGE CONTROL Full camera controls include backlight compensation, iris selection, white balance, color balance, AGC gain and edge enhancement. The PTC-100S’s on-screen display (OSD) makes it easy to control a wide range of parameters for the shots you want. WIDE PANNING/TILTING RANGE & QUICK SPEED The PTC-100S has a panning range of 300° (150° left, 150° right) and a tilting range of 120° (+90° and -30°). Plus, it boasts a pan/tilt speed of maximum 90° per second—the fastest in its class—so it’s quick to go right to where you need it, when you need it. When equipped with an optional wide conversion lens, it delivers a wide horizontal field of view of 65°. ptc-100spantilt   VERSATILE REMOTE CONTROL FEATURES The supplied wireless remote controller gives you complete control of the PTC-100S and its on-screen display adjustments. Infrared sensors are located at the front and rear of the camera. Plus, up to 6 cameras can be operated individually with a single remote controller by designating different ID numbers for each camera. The PTC-100S can also be connected to a PC via the RS-232C port. Up to 7 cameras can be daisy chained through an RS-232C connection. ptc-100sconfiguration     ATTRACTIVE/ADVANCED DESIGN The PTC-100S features a low-profile, symmetrical design that easily blends into any environment—from homes and offices to stores—without being conspicuous. Its compact size and light weight allows it to be easily carried from place to place. OTHER CONVENIENT FEATURES:

  • 6-position preset mode
  • Auto and manual (8-step) motor speed control
  • Left/right direction change, homing, pan/tilt reset
  • Power-save mode

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