FCB-H11 High Definition Block Camera with Housing Meets Expectations

industrial camera solutions. Sony’s  FCB-H11 HD Block Camera is now conveniently available in a sleek, black customized housing.  

Available through Aegis Electronic Group, Inc.,  this new camera set-up has become an instant hit among surveillance and security professionals not only because of the close similarites it has to its HD counterpart, the FCB-H10 but also due to the addition of:
  • Auto ICR and
  • Increased sensitivity (less than 1.5lux)
These new features definitely open doors in the security market for anyone looking for a High Definition, Auto Iris, Auto Focus, Controllable, high resolution, day/night camera. Users of standard definition cameras that have the Auto ICR will finally be able to upgrade to High Definition without giving up the black and white, high sensitivity mode once the new HD block camera is released.]]>

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