Finding the Right EVID70 Cables for You

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One of our most popular blogs on Security System News is one that was written all the way back in September of 2008. That post provides a very simple overlook of many of the cables that we offer, particularly when it comes to handling Sony products. Here we will go through each one, evaluating which cable is the right fit for you and we will use the EVID70 as our relative camera in the explanation.
When looking at the back of a Sony EVID70 we can see that there are a wide variety of options for cable hookups. Today we will focus on the S Video, Daisychain/VISCA RS-232C In and Out options, and VISCA RS-422 connections.
The S-Video connection has been around since the 1980’s in an effort to improve the picture quality of the composite video plug in. Designated with it’s four pins, the S-Video cable connection gives users the ability to connect their devices, whether it is an EVID70 or a Playstation, to their televisions.
From here we can look at a BNC cable. Originally developed for use by the military, this cable makes a signal connection to both analog and digital signals. Seen mostly in recording studios, these cables also perform for security cameras in providing the user a way to receive digital signals from their camera.
Of all of the cables that we sell, the Daisychain/VISCA cables are by far the most popular as they allow users to hookup one camera to many others or they can connect to an RMBR300 controller for their camera. In its most basic definition, the Daisychain/VISCA cable allows users to connect multiple devices up to one another, such as camera to camera to computer. The Daisychain allows users to transmit their cameras to a PC and control their camera from the computer. These cables are designated by their two 8 pin ends.
And last but not least, we have the RS-232 control cables that allow for a remote control connection to your camera. In recent years, many have made the switch to RS-422 signal connections because they provide transmissions at greater distances. The cable itself is designated by its one 9 pin end and other 8 pin end.
It’s a load of information to try and figure out exactly what connection is best for your exact needs but don’t be shy! Our representatives at USA Security Systems can answer any questions you may have when it comes to finding the perfect set of connections for you! Call us at (920) 834-3256, toll free at (888) 875-6091, or by email at

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