Get The Perfect Cables To Fit Any Device From USA Security Systems

How many times have you guessed how long of a cable you need when hooking up new equipment at home or at work?  As aggravating as it is to find that you have purchased the wrong length or type, this won’t be the case because USASS has you covered.  When purchasing new cables, whether you’re upgrading or buying new CCTV gear, we have the experts to help you configure your equipment.

Having a planned infrastructure before deciding on what CCTV equipment to purchase is important so that you can get the right quality, the right length and right type cables. Sony, for example, developed their own protocol, VISCA, for their remote control interfaces on their brilliant robotic camera BRC-300, SRG line and EVI line of color remote video cameras in PAL and NTSC formats.  This protocol based on the older 24 pin serial port has updated the RS-232 standard for better control and performance.  When networking VISCA for your security systems, include a Balun (Balance/Unbalanced) control box to run into your Telemetrics, PC, or Tricaster.  Additionally, adapters and cables are available to complete your effort if you need input into HDMI or USB 2 or 3.0.

If adding cameras (PTZ or otherwise) to your already existing configuration, adapters and daisy-chain cables will be required.  This may seem to be a daunting task of configuring, but with information readily available, this can easily be accomplished.   If you’re using a daisy-chain configuration, PTZ’s (and other peripherals) are linked together through the same network in a loop.  Through this configuration, power is supplied without having to have a power source for each camera (up to 7 cameras) using the older SCSI interface as well as FireWire, USB and Ethernet.   For detailed and comprehensive information how to hook up a system using a daisychain, Texas Instruments offers a wealth of information for installing multiple cameras using a daisy-chain at

S-Video (Separate Video) is an older protocol used frequently for lower end standard definition video cameras, as opposed to VISCA outputs and HDMI for the High Definition cameras and higher end peripherals.  Adapters and couplers can be purchased if needed to attach into other inputs besides S-Video.

Don’t think this is too much of a project to take on!  An overhaul on your existing CCTV cameras and devices is possible using your current configuration, if wanting to upgrade to better PTZ cameras on the market.  Accessories to help improve your network are out there if you’re cost cutting or if you’re just not ready to do a complete rebuild of your monitoring devices.  Also remember there is a wealth of information online.  Happy networking and monitoring!

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