High Performance Lens for High Performance Applications

The Tamron 13VM286 lens is a high performance, that can complete everything from the simpler tasks of giving a wide 80° angle view and a fast aperture on cameras for hobby or photography, or to providing a better view on industrial applications such as inspection, surveillance, machine vision.

Any application that can benefit from a wider angle of view and corner to corner sharpness is a perfect fit for the Tamron 13VM286.

Vital Lens Elements

Designed for 1/3″ CCD cameras with a 2.8-6mm focal length as well as two aspherical lens elements that help create a better picture by limiting distortion and providing corner to corner sharpness even when used with a color camera in low light. This is ideal for CCTV cameras used in security, especially in low light and tight spaces where the likelihood of crime is more likely to occur such as alleyways or back lots behind stores.

A Real Lightweight

On top of delivering great images, the 13VM286 is also lightweight and easy to carry around without noticing the extra bulk. Weighing only 83 grams and with a width and length of 43mm and 56.1mm respectively the extra space and weight won’t be noticed even in the tightest of spaces. See below for a small list of features and check out the specs on our website here.


  • 2.8-6.0mm F1.2-Close
  • Manual Iris
  • Manual Zoom w/lock
  • CS-Mount

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