Industrial Grade Monitor for Industry Specific Applications

One of the newest additions to the USA Security family, this LCD Monitor from Tru-Vu is an industrial-grade display with a specific design and build for specific applications.

In this post, we are going to go over a few of them in depth and show how the Tru-Vu VM-43Z can make each of them function better, at least when it comes to the monitor.

If you have an issue or question about cameras or related accessories to industrial camera applications or security/surveillance than we are proud to help with that as well if needed.

All Tru-Vu monitors use industrial grade components and high end LCD panels to ensure superior image quality and top of the line performance.

In rough or challenging environments, the parts in this monitor will last even at heavy use and continuous use. The VM-43Z comes in both standard steel enclosures as well as open frame configurations, allowing you the ability to customize the monitor to your specific needs.

So what are these applications and how does this monitor play a valuable part? To preface, these are a few examples of some of the most used applications for this monitor and in no way represent a complete list.

VM-43Z Applications Overview

Video Teleconferencing/Business Meeting/Houses Of Worship

With people being more connected in all kinds of ways, we are fast transitioning into a screen communication society with Facetime and live streaming apps.

People are more than ever being easily connected over long distances and with this being vital to important business meetings and presentations, you need a monitor that can deliver crystal clear HD images as well as endure through the countless hour long meetings and team building exercises, etc.

With picture-in-picture, you can fit several meeting attendees on one screen. For Speaking Engagements and House of Worship gatherings, it is the perfect monitor that will last through hours of use and still produce just as clear of a picture with high contrast ratio (3000:1) and brightness (400nits) to make sure you don’t miss capturing the perfect angle or shot.

Digital Signage

For a monitor to excel at digital signage it needs to be able to function in a rough environment and do it 24/7 in some cases with maybe a few exceptions.

Digital Signage has so many potential uses for the present and future of advertising, especially in public spaces. Some of the best ways to engage with the many things this monitor can bring to digital signage are through promotional displays or interactive menus in restaurants or commerce shops.

Social media streams showing off the companies latest news or product release, upcoming events or upcoming specials.

In a public space, it can also be beneficial as lobby guides and maps or emergency/disaster message displays for government or police/emergency personnel. It can also be useful in real-time weather and news updates.

Industrial or Industry Uses

Industrial uses always need to have a good eye for detail, especially when it comes to inspecting various products from micro to macro and in many different capacities.

Analyzing and helping to interpret robotic guidance systems, keeping watch on an automated inspection or production system that runs a specific task, or just watching to make sure a certain process is completed the correct way on an assembly line.

These are just a few industrial uses for this type of monitor and one of the main applications it was designed for as these industries can be rough on equipment due to overuse and routine wear and tear issues.

Similar to many of the other applications this one requires the monitor to constantly be functioning and delivering HD images possible under high workload and sometimes even high speed rates of action that are hard to capture if the picture isn’t high enough detail and resolution and frame rate.


Last but not least, it is vital to the bread and butter of any business or place of great value that they have great equipment when it comes to security, especially with video surveillance.

It greatly helps security personnel if the monitor quality is unmistakable in clarity and it’s abilities to last and take a few dings while doing it, so there is no lapse in video and therefore no lapse in security coverage. Large screen size allows for multiple monitor streams from cameras without having to reduce any of them in size or take up too much space on screen without losing clarity.

So in conclusion, is this the perfect monitor for just about any application you can imagine? I will leave you to decide that based on the features and specs on our webpage and my opinion presented here in this blog.

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