Introducing the Canon VB-M40: Advanced Surveillance Technology at Your Fingertips

The demand for commercial and industrial security systems continues to increase as the threat of theft and other criminal activities plague countless establishments in different industries. This is why there is also a higher demand for high quality surveillance cameras. More and more business owners are on the lookout for cameras that have the perfect combination of outstanding performance, impressive technical specifications, and an exceptional design. Fortunately for them, Canon’s insatiable commitment to providing only the best in optical technology has brought the VB-M40.


This network PTZ camera is packed with superior features that is a result of the top notch optical hardware and surveillance technology that Canon has successfully put together for its users. It leads in digital imaging surveillance, where such is prevalent in commercial and industrial environments. The Canon VB-M40 has the versatility that is needed for various security applications in different industries, while its easy operation allows little to no training in its use. Its compact size is perfect for limited spaces as well as those areas that discretion is highly valued.

Superior Optics Packed Inside a Tiny Camera

Great things do come in small packages when you take a look at the VB-M40. Equipped with a powerful 20x optical zoom, with a wide horizontal field of view of 54-degrees, the Canon VB-M40 can see almost anything in its path. Users can easily use the camera’s pan, tilt, and zoom feature to carefully watch over the area in focus. Even in low light conditions, the VB-M40’s impressive optics allows image recording in crisp megapixel quality.

Surveillance at Its Finest

With Canon’s highly intelligent functions installed in the VB-M40, the network PTZ camera is able to provide an unparalleled level of detection that has yet to be seen in competitor brands. Business owners and security personnel can count on the VB-M40 to detect moving or abandoned objects within its line of sight. It can inform you of anomalies such as the following:

  • Abandoned objects such as suspiciously parked vehicles or mystery packages left in the area
  • Moving objects such as a person attempting illegal entry or people gathering outside the property
  • Tampering of the camera such as when the camera’s field of view is blocked
  • Removed objects such as unauthorized transportation of a certain object within the area


Highly Dependable in Low Light Environment

The Canon VB-M40 is impressive in terms of its exceptional sensitivity in low-light conditions. With this network PTZ camera, you do not have to worry about getting enough light to keep the surveillance process problem-free. It has an automatic 5-level brightness function that is able to capture object colors and details in stunning precision regardless of the light source.


Seamless Image Stream with the H.264 Compression Capability

The Canon VB-M40 utilizes the H.264 image compression format, allowing it to enhance network transmission speeds, while achieving to maintain the full-frame 1280 x 960 pixel, 1.3 MP images. It also has the Smart Shade Control that can brighten underexposed areas, not to mention improve overall contrast.


Other Equally Impressive Features

  • Advanced Security Measures – Can block user-defined locations that are within the camera’s view. The function allows eight areas that can be digitally hidden from view.
  • Exceptional Usability – Explore unique settings such as the Privacy Mask and Intelligent Function tools and control them using applications available on the net, without the need for software installation.
  • Broader Reach – The Canon VB-M40 supports the Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) communication standard, which provides an enhanced compatibility with other ONVIF-compatible devices that can be obtained from other vendors.
  • Easy-to-Use Camera Settings – A variety of camera settings including the “Privacy Mask” and “Intelligent Function” tools can be easily controlled with applications that are accessible via any supported browser without the hassle of additional software installation.
  • Built-In SD Card Compatibility – The built-in SD Memory Card slot in the Canon VB-M40 can support cards that have up to 32GB worth of storage size. This is vital in the event of a disruption or a breakdown in the transmission of data, where the Canon VB-M40 can record operation logs and images to minimize any possible operational and security problems.


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