Introducing Products from Bolide!

Finding the right cable or network video recorder (NVR) for your networking application can prove to be a hassle. What do you pick? What is best? What is the cost to quality comparison? Look no further! We’ve recently added products from Bolide Technology Group to our website.  With so many cables to choose from, let’s see what is best for your application.

The BP0033-PM, available in black and white, is a pre-made RG59 CCTV coaxial cable with two 18AWG electrical cables. With lengths ranging from 25 to 150 feet, this cable is perfect for applications using composite, RGBHV, and component video.

If you are searching for a networking cable, then the BP0033-CAT6-CMP is perfect for your application. Ideal in a large business or presentation setting, this twisted pair networking cable extends up to 1000 feet and is UL listed with chronological foot markers for ease of use during installation. Available in gray, this cable is protected by a CMP rated PVC jacket and meets Cat6e standards to ensure a safe installation of the cables in an HVAC system.

Perhaps you are just looking to gain a network connection in a non-plenum area? Then the BP0033-Cat5e-CMR 1000-foot cable is the better fit! Ideal for Ethernet connections, the BP0033-Cat5e-CMR allows for a connection of a computer or camera up to long distances without any disruption in the signal. Available in grey and blue from USA Security Systems, this UL listed cable starts at $82.00.

For basic camera system installations, the BP0033C combo zip cable is best. Available in black and white and lengths from 500 to 1000 feet, the BP0033C is comprised of two cables as opposed to one. The separate video and power cables allow users the ability to separate the cables for easier installation.

After you’ve taken a look at all of the cables that we have to offer from Bolide, be sure to take a look at the NVR6000 high quality resolution network video recorders on USA Security Systems! Available with 16 or 32 channels, this NVR can record in high resolutions of 720p60, 1080i60, and 1080p30 and includes easy user-ability features such as remote preview and playback. Enhance your security experience with the NVR6000’s motion detection and alarm functions as well!

We are a proud supplier of Bolide Technology Group products. Be sure to visit again to find out about new products and changes going on within the security industry!

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