Linking Technology to the Hospital Room

Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) are now installing cameras that enable parents to view their newborns from mobile devices (iPhones, iPads, Blackberrys). St. Jude Medical Center, University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical Center, Deaconess Women’s Hospital (Newburgh, In) and Parkview Community Hospital Medical Center (Riverside, CA) are a few of the first hospitals in the country to implement a password protected webcam system, which gives parents a virtual window to their newborns. Most of the babies in St. Jude’s neonatal intensive care unit, which has 14 incubators, are born prematurely and are released within four or five days. Some, however, stay for months.

Medical Cameras AdvancementThese easy to install, out of the box camera systems only require an internet connection where a Google browser can be accessed. There are no special ports or custom network configurations. GANZ IP cameras (ZN-D2040) have become a hardware solution of choice for manufacturers of these hospital and family friendly devices. The GANZ offers simple solutions to these complex hospital and family problems.

Medical camera integrators are migrating to these low cost solutions that allow video recording on mobile devices. GANZ is a camera hardware solution of choice and USASS provides a technically trained engineering and sales staff to assist in this integration. Interested OEM’s or integrators are invited to call 888-875-6091 or visit our website

Carolynn Larson-Garcia
USA Security Systems