New Configurable Camera Controller for Sony’s line of Industrial P/T/Z Cameras Gives Users Even More Control

USA Security Sytems is pleased to announce that they are now stocking the new configurable, push button controller from AVP created specifically for SONY’s lines of EVI P/T/Z cameras.
The AVP-Controller-PTZ controller is designed to work with one or multiple cameras via RS232, this small form factor controller is extremely flexible, ruggedized for use in harsh environments and can be programmed to control a majority of EVI SONY camera functions based on the needs of individual applications.
The controller can be configured to control the following Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera funtions in the order you want them to be in:

• Power – On/Off
• Pan Left and Right
• Tilt Up and Down
• Zoom Speed
• Digital Zoom – On/Off
• Focus – Far/Near
• Focus – Auto/Manual
• E-Flip (EVI-D70 only)
• Presets and more…

Because of its portability, size and ease of use, AVP-Controller-PTZ controller is suitable for a variety of applications, especially where space and control capabilities are issues.
Remote monitoring and/or harsh environment applications are just a few examples, and the controller is also ideal for adjusting and bench testing cameras before field installation/integration with minimal hardware requirements.
In addition to standard command capabilities, users are given the ability to control the cameras independently, allowing them to zoom in and out without disturbing any other controls and eliminates the need to switch back and forth between screens and program.
This controller can also be programmed to control most of the functions of Sony’s line of FCB block cameras.

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