Now Available: FCB Universal Camera Contoller for Sony Block Cameras

This Universal Camera Controller for the Sony FCB series of block cameras and the EVI series of P/T/Z cameras incorporates a flexible, configurable controller designed to work with one or multiple cameras via RS232. Ruggedized for use in harsh environments and programmable to control a majority of these Sony camera functions, the size and ease of operation of these controllers make them suitable for applications where space and control capability are issues.

5AVP FCB Controller

Currently used in television broadcasting for reality programs involving ocean fishing, it is also used aboard ships in oceanographic applications in the surveillance of animals, and the tracking of non-biodegradable oil spills. Hospital operating rooms utilize this camera controller in surgical and non-surgical cases, where space is always a key issue.

Controller configurations available for FCB block cameras include:
Power – On/Off, zoom-tele, zoom-wide, zoom-speed, digital zoom-on/off, focus-far, focus-near, focus-auto/manual, freeze, iris-open/close/reset, image flip, ICR (IR Cut Filter), Capability to switch between SD (HD 720p) and HD (HD1080i) with a push of one button (FCB-H11 only), presets and more…

The configurations for EVI P/T/Z (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) cameras consist of Power – On/Off, ability to pan left and right, tilt up and down, zoom speed, digital zoom (on/off), far and near focus, automatic and manual focus, E-flip (EVI-D70 only), and additional presets.

Different controller program configurations are available for this controller, depending on your specific application needs; a sales representative can assist in determining the best configuration available for you.

A wireless version of the AVP FCB Block Camera Controller is available, and will go up to 100 feet.

Applied Vision Products is your distribution center for this innovative universal camera controller.


Gail De Salvo

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