10011-001 dPict Aexeon 10011 32MB PCI Framegrabber

dPict Aexeon 10011 32MB PCI Framegrabber
Aexeon - 32MB PCI Bus-mastering video acquisition board for general purpose OEM applications
  • $729.00

Aexeon is a low-cost, full-featured video frame grabber board for analog camera solutions. Aexeon accepts multiple composite, S-Video, or component video inputs in both NTSC and PAL formats and digitizes in both square pixel and CCIR-601 resolutions. With on-board processing, complete camera control, and video output, Aexeon is the perfect product for analog camera OEM solutions.




  • PCI or PCI Express Form Factor
  • On-board DSP for Robust Performance
  • Up to 9 Composite, 4 S-Video, or 3 RGB/YCrCb Inputs
  • Supports CCIR-601 or Square Pixel Resolutions
  • Supports NTSC or PAL Video Formats
  • 8 General Purpose I/O Triggers
  • Composite, S-Video, and Component Video Output
  • Windows 2000 and XP Support