10012-001 dPict Aexeon 10012-001 32MB PCIe Framegrabber

dPict Aexeon 10012-001 32MB PCIe Framegrabber
Aexeon - 32MB PCIe - PCI Express Bus-mastering video acquisition board for general purpose OEM applications
  • $759.00
The dPict Aexeon 10012-001 32MB PCIe Framegrabber is a low cost full featured framegrabber perfect for analog cameras OEM solutions with on-board processing, complete camera control, and video output.It also accept both NTSC and PAL formats, S-video. Video may be captured and saved in both square pixel or CCIR-601 resolutions, and can be scaled to randomly-sized windows.


  • PCI or PCI Express formats
  • Bus-mastering video acquisition
  • Simultaneous real-time transfer of video to system memory, overlay, or display memory
  • TI DM642 Digital Media Processor
  • 32 MB SDRAM Frame Buffer
  • High-quality 10-bit input digitization
  • Video scaling to arbitrarily sized windows
  • Up to 3 RGB or YPbPr, 4 S-Video, and 9 composite multiplexed video inputs
  • RGB, YPbPr, S-Video, and composite video output
  • CCIR and square pixel capture resolution
  • NTSC and PAL video formats
  • General purpose I/O triggers
  • Programmable LUT
  • Packed or planar transfers
  • Area of interest transfers to/from system and on-board memory
  • On-board micro controller for robust timing and capture control
  • RS-232 serial input and output
  • Camera integration support
  • 12-volt DC switched output for camera supply
  • Real-time image processing
  • Windows® XP, Vista, and 7 drivers
  • Windows®-based video capture application
  • DirectShow and TWAIN support
  • Optional SDK with sample applications