Parts are Parts – But Not all Parts are the Same

Accessories allow cameras to function to their full potential – they can be necessary parts or items that make specific cameras perform with greater efficiency.  Take the Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) family of cameras …
Cables, Joysticks and controllers, frame grabbers, housings and mounts – Lenses and Interface capabilities  – all of these aid the PTZ cameras.
A variety of RS-232 control cabling lengths for the Sony PTZ cameras are available;
  • 6 foot cables (8PMD/SONYVISCA-6FT) for $25.00,
  • 15 foot (8PMD/SONYVISCA-15FT) for $31.00,
  • 25 foot (8PMD/SONYVISCA-25FT) for $41.00,
  • 50 foot (8PMD/SONYVISCA-50FT) for $51.00, and
  • 100ft (8PMD/SONYVISCA-100FT) for $83.00.

All of these are 9 pin, D-sub to Sony 8 pin Mini-Din Plug RS-232 VISCA control cables.

Daisy Chain cables also vary in necessary lengths:
  • 6 foot (Daisychain/VISCA-6FT) for $25.00,
  • 25 foot (Daisychain/VISCA-6FT) for $41.00,
  • 500 foot (Daisychain/VISCA-50FT) for $51.00, and
  • 100 foot (Daisychain/VISCA-100FT) for $83.00.

All of these cables and daisy chain cables are available for use with the Sony EVID100, EVID70, BRC300, and the EVIHD1 PTZ cameras.

The BNC to BNC video cables also come in various lengths.  There is the:
  • BB-6, which is 6 feet long for $10.00, the
  • 12-foot cable, BB-12 ($15.00), and the
  • 25-foot cable, the BB-25 ($21.00).
S-Video Cables for PTZ cameras range in length as well, from 6 feet long, to 100 feet long (available for $6.50 to $55.00, respectively).
A RCA male to BNC female connector, the RCA-BNC is available for $4.99, and plugs into any standard RCA female jack, allowing connection of a standard BNC male cable.
Sony EVI (PTZ) series compatible camera controller is available, the AVP-Controller-PTZ, for $600.00, is hand-held, and is also compatible with the Sony FCB series of block cameras.  This flexible controller can be configured for different applications as needed.
Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera housings and mounts are as diverse as the cameras they protect.   The camera housings (dome) can come with clear or tinted domes, and for use indoors and outdoors.   If for outdoor, use, they can include heaters and blowers for climate control issues.  IP ready indoor and outdoor recessed dome housings can be vandal resistant for use in high-security installations such as jails and prisons.  Form DOES follow function!
PTZ camera mounts area also varied.  Wall mounts, horizontal mounts from a suspended ceiling grid, and ceiling mounts are available.  Ceiling mounts can vary in type of ‘hanger’, i.e., from an electrical double gang electrical box, or over the electrical box. These mounts range in cost from $98.00 for the WM100B black wall mount, to $225.00 for the CM-1000B-18, which allows the Sony BCR-300 or BRC-Z700 to be horizontally mounted from a suspended ceiling grid, and includes the top plate assembly system, camera pod, and 18” mounting tube.
Telemetrics provides Joystick control panels for the Sony EVID70, EVID70W, EVID100, BRC300, EVIHD1 and the SNCRZ30N PTZ cameras, and the CP-ITV3-VC joystick control can be used for the Canon VCC50I ad VCC50IR PTZ cameras.
Low cost ($375.00 each) framegrabber selections for Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras include the CyberOptics Model Number PXC200AL for color and monochrome standard analog cameras. Integral Technologies has a 3043 Flashbus Spectrum Lite, high-speed PCI bus-mastering frame grabber, which was designed to capture 8 bits-per-pixel monochrome and 24 bits-per-pixel color video in real time to system memory.
The ViewCast Osprey Audio/Video Capture Board provides high-performance in a digital video capture card designed to deliver an exemplary video experience for PTZ cameras.
There are camera interface kits are sold for PTZ cameras, and incorporate accessory items in one handy package.  These kits include wall mounts, regulated camera power, remote control and S-video on a standard UTP wire for distances up to 300 feet – Yes, everything BUT the camera!
As you can see, the Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera category has a shopper’s paradise in accessories.  Opportunities present themselves for modification and tailoring – anything to make the camera PTZ experience absolutely unforgettable!
All products offered by USA Security Systems Technology are in stock, and orders placed before 3pm Mountain time ship the same day.  Providing products needed to simplify and quickly resolve your audio/visual and security/surveillance needs is our goal.
 Gail De Salvo

USA Security Systems Technology

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