Pentax Line of CCTV Lenses – Quality with Reliability

Whether it’s in a bank, traffic, office, factory, city or home, the CCTV lens is a critical part in security, monitoring, and factory automation CCTV systems.
Pentax Security offers several types of lens available to meet the needs of your application including;
Monofocal Lenses
    • Monofocal Manual Iris Lens




    • Monofocal Auto-Iris (DC) Lens


    • C70210DCPS (TS212E) –
      • 1/3″, 2.8mm, F1.2-200, CS-Mount, w/ Connector
    • C70406DCPS (TS412E)
      • 1/3″, 4mm, F1.2-200, CS-Mount, w/ Connector
    • C61227DCPS (HS1214E)
      • 1/2″, 12mm, F1.4-300 E, CS-Mount, w/ Connector


Vari-Focal Lenses


  • Vari-focal Manual Lens
    • C70316
      • 1/3″, 3-8mm, F1.0-C, CS-Mount, Day/Night
    • C70509
      • 1/3″, 5-50mm, F1.8-C. CS-Mount
      • 1/3″, 3-8mm, F1.0-360, CS-Mount, w/ Connector, Day/Night



Manual Zoom, Focus and Iris Lenses
Motorized Zoom & Focus, Auto-Iris Lenses (Video)


Motorized Zoom & Focus, with Pre-Set Auto-Iris Lenses (Video)


Day and Night Lenses

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