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Find out more about the camera here. Genuine Canon Optics:

  • 40x Optical Zoom — one of the industry’s most powerful — lets you see intricate detail even at great distances.
  • Wide 56˚ horizontal field of view allows for monitoring of larger areas.
  • Auto Focus ensures that objects in the foreground and background are in focus during panning, tilting, or zooming.
  • Extremely wide pan and tilt range provides full 360˚ horizontal coverage: Pan: ±170˚, Tilt: -25˚/ +90˚, +25˚/ -90˚ (Reverse Mode).
Image Stabilization:
  • Compensates for blur caused by shaking of camera when mounted on ceilings, poles or other places subject to vibration.
Progressive-Scan CCD:
  • Captures noiseless, high-quality video of moving subjects.
Smart Shade control:
  • If the background of an image is too bright to see main subjects, you can adjust the contrast of the darker areas to make it easier to see.
Powerful DIGIC NET Processor:
  • DIGIC NET performs all image processing and encoding, resulting in simultaneous data distribution with no loss in frame rate.
  • Image capture can be delivered in both M-JPEG and MPEG-4 video at 30fps.
Auto Day and Night Mode:
  • Switches automatically for variable lighting conditions.
  • Capture 30fps color video in as little as 0.7 lux of illumination.
Motion Detection with Subject Auto-Tracking:
  • When motion is detected, the camera can follow the subject’s movement and automatically send the image to a cell phone or email address.
Two-Way Audio:
  • Transmit real time audio both to and from an authorized network PC.
  • Administrators can simultaneously listen in and make announcements to a camera site.
PoE (Power over Ethernet) IE802.3af Compliant:
  • Receive both data and power through a single Ethernet cable.

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