Product Spotlight: Watec WAT-910HX/J (EIA) Analog Camera for Reliable Image Capture in Low-Light Environment

In a business surveillance system, an analog security camera captures images through an analog video signal that is transmitted via a coaxial cable to a digital video recorder (DVR). The Watec WAT-910HX/J (EIA) analog camera is well suited to the task, offering noteworthy technical specifications that make it a top choice of businesses in need of reliable, cost-effective security cameras for their surveillance systems.

The Watec WAT-910HX/J (EIA) is an Ultra-Light, dark field camera, which means that it can provide brilliant, light images even against a very dark background. This is why it is very much prized by many businesses with locations in low light environment, where there is little to no light at night.

This low-light, black and white camera has outstanding noise reduction capabilities, and is highly sensitive to dark and low lights, with 0.000005 lux sensitivity. It has a resolution of more than 570 TV lines, which gives transmitted images the clarity that is needed for a more accurate representation of objects in display monitors.

It is also designed to adjust its view depending on the lighting conditions of the area being monitored using the frame loss compensation feature.

The Watec WAT-910HX/J (EIA) can be easily adjusted to meet the specifications needed to view either a dark or light area and pre-configured by the user for an excellent image viewing experience. With its 1/2″ interline transfer CCD image sensor, there is minimal image lag and smear, as well as high frame rates with numerous outputs. An interline transfer CCD image sensor provides real-time imaging in various surveillance applications where mechanical shutters are not needed or are not desired.


EIA Standard Compliant

The Watec WAT-910HX/J (EIA) follows the Electronic Industries Alliance Standards, which ensures that the analog camera is created under strict standards of quality in terms of video transmission and overall performance.

Users are also treated to a motion detection feature, with a maximum of four selectable areas. Its wide dynamic range feature allows the analog camera to recreate a full scene content in areas or conditions where it is not possible to capture in one image.


Other noteworthy features include the following:
  • Internal synchronizing system
  • Composite video output
  • White blemish correction (can correct up to 64 dots through OSD operation)
  • Black light compensation
  • 1.38-watt power consumption
  • DC+12V±10% power supply

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