Fujinon YV2.7×2.2SR4A-2 2.9mm-8mm 2.7x Standard Vari-Focal Lens

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Elevate your monitoring capabilities with the Fujinon YV2.7X2.2SR4A-SA2 for unparalleled performance.

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Unlocking The Fujinon YV2.7X2.2SR4A-SA2 Vari-Focal Lens

The Fujinon YV2.7X2.2SR4A-SA2 Vari-Focal lens is a masterpiece of optical engineering designed to maximize performance for photographers and videographers seeking precision and clarity in their work.

Precision Optics

At its core, the YV2.7X2.2SR4A-SA2 features a high-accuracy aspheric lens, which dramatically reduces optical aberrations. As a result, it captures imagery with remarkable precision and sharpness, eliminating distortion to produce truly outstanding visuals.

Enhancing Image Quality

The YV2.7X2.2SR4A-SA2 goes further to enhance image quality with the integration of low-dispersion and high refractive-index glass elements. Low-dispersion glass effectively mitigates color fringing and chromatic aberrations, ensuring that your photos and videos display vibrant, true-to-life colors, regardless of the lighting conditions. Meanwhile, high refractive-index glass optimizes light capture, delivering unmatched clarity and sharpness.

Control in Bright Conditions

For those challenging bright conditions, the built-in ND filter, boasting a T360 rating, provides precise control over exposure settings. This feature empowers your creativity, enabling you to experiment with slower shutter speeds, wider apertures, or a combination of both while maintaining the integrity of your exposure.

Adaptability Across Lighting Conditions

The YV2.7X2.2SR4A-SA2 Vari-Focal lens truly shines when paired with high-sensitivity cameras. Its adaptability across diverse lighting scenarios makes it an ideal choice for capturing stunning footage in various conditions. Whether you’re chasing the soft golden hues of the “golden hour” or facing the harsh midday sun, this lens consistently delivers exceptional results.

In summary, the Fujinon YV2.7X2.2SR4A-SA2 unlocks optical excellence and elevates your monitoring capabilities. It empowers you to explore new creative possibilities while capturing the world with precision and clarity. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an enthusiastic amateur, this lens will help you master the art of photography and videography with ease, enabling your visual storytelling to reach unprecedented heights.

YV2.7x2.2SR4A-2 Spec Sheet



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