Protecting Your PTZ Camera


Now that I’ve bought my new camera system, how can I protect it from harsh weather conditions and/or vandals? This is one of the more popular questions we receive from our customers which is why, when it comes to protecting your investment, we offer our customers a wide range of camera housing choices to fit a variety of specific needs. From dome housings for PTZ cameras to box housings for IP/Network cameras, you have your pick when it comes to not only protecting your camera, but also in fitting your aesthetic needs.

ACH13WM Open Top

The Videolarm ACH13WM/ACH13HBWM is IP Network Ready outdoor, environmental camera housing for IP box cameras up to 10.5” long and 3.6” wide. This housing is also unique in the fact that it can be equipped with a 24VAC or 12vdc heater/blower. The heater automatically activates at 50° F and deactivates at 80° F while the blower activates at 110° F and deactivates at 80° F, keeping your camera safe from the harshest weather. Protect your camera even further with the ACH13WM’s sunshield. For easy installation, Videolarm created the ACH13WM with a flip-top opening and can be mounted to a flat wall or round pole for your application.


For dome cameras, we also have a wide variety of housings available from Videolarm. The RHW75C2N, like the ACH13WM, is IP ready in addition to vandal-resistant for any outdoor applications and can withstand a .22 caliber bullet. It too includes a heater/blower for the camera and comes with a cold weather kit to improve your camera’s health in a wide range of weather conditions. This rugged dome housing is perfect for security facilities, power plants, airports, stadiums, and warehouses. All dome housings range from $200 to $600 depending on the particular model’s housing durability, vandal resistance, and any added features available (i.e. heater/blower option, etc.).

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