Remote Head 1/2″ CCD Color Camera and CCU offer 3 Optional Camera Heads creating Versatility and High Res Imaging in low light environments (Toshiba IK-M44 and IK-CU44A)

Designed with a focus on versatility, high-resolution imaging and rugged mechanical/easy-to-install features, Toshiba’s IK-M44 series is an ideal, cost-performance miniature camera series with a 17mm diameter, 410,000 pixels, a 1/2″ CCD for more than 470 TV(H) lines of resolution and 2.5 lux low-light sensitivity.

Without requiring readjustment or electrical adaptation, the IK-CU44A camera control unit (CCU) switches from any of its available three camera heads, helping users perform a variety of professional imaging tasks.

The Camera’s CCU (IK-CU44A) accepts the following CCD camera heads:

  • 1/2 inch “Lipstick” (IK-M44H*Most popular of 3 heads
  • Identical to Elmo’s MN-43H Camera Head, Toshiba’s IK-M44H provides the flexibility needed for a wide range of applications including; medical, broadcast, machine vision, microscopy, endoscopy, non-destructive testing and scientific imaging


  • 1/2 inch C-mount (IK-C44H)
  • Identical to Elmo’s CN-43H Camera Head, Toshiba’s IK-C44H can be used with most C-mount lenses


  • 1/4 inch Micro (IK-SM43H)



Key Camera Control Unit (CCU) Features:

  •  470 line resolution from all Camera heads
  •  17mm O.D. (1/2 inch CCD) Micro Camera head
  •  Digital Signal Processing (DSP) enhances image quality
  •  RS-232 allows PC control of Camera’s CCU
  •  410,000 pixel CCD imager
  •  Auto-shutter mode controls light from 1/60 to 1/10,000 of a second
  •  Automatic tracking white balance
  •  Simultaneous Y/C and Composite Outputs
  •  Minimum illumination of 2.5 lux
  • Cable lengths of up to 30 meters