Sanyo Presents A 1080P, CMOS P/T/Z Camera: The VCC-HD5400 (VCCHD5400)

A new 2 megapixel, 1080p CMOS Pan/Tilt/Zoom (P/T/Z) dome camera has been released by SANYO Electric Co., Ltd., the VCC-HD5400 (VCCHD5400).  Encompassing both a day/night, and bidirectional audio features, this camera includes CMOS technology for image clarity, and has the ability for multi-stream monitoring (quad stream), on any given subject.

Employing this true Day and Night feature, an automatic changeover is available from the color mode to the black and white mode, and includes the removal of an IR cut filter during low light operation.  Utilizing this function, high-definition surveillance imaging is produced.  Designed to work in commercial or industrial settings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this P/T/Z camera is a real workhorse!  This dome camera is able to provide a full, continuous movement range of 360 degree of panning at 350 degrees per second (24V AC), and a tilting range of from -20 degrees to 200 degrees, for a total tile travel of 220 degrees (24V AC).  With a 10x Optical Zoom lens, and a 16x digital zoom, the VCC-HD5400 (VCCHD5400)  has an image flip feature (user selectable digital image flip or mechanical image flip), with built-in image stabilization, and Bidirectional Audio.

Sanyo VCC-HD5400
Sanyo VCC-HD5400

This innovative network camera offers full high-definition video monitoring at 1920 x 1080 HD resolution (10x optical zoom and 16x digital zoom), as well as sharp and vivid MJPEG imaging. Offering full-frame rates of up to 30fps, the VCC-HD5400 (VCCHD5400) captures smooth, natural high-definition video of monitored locations.  Picture quality modes include Quality mode: Basic, Normal, Enhanced, Fine, Super Fine; and with Bitrate mode: user specified bit rate.

An attractive feature selection of this camera is its ‘Facial Recognition’ ability.  Let’s say the VCC-HD5400 (VCCHD5400) video P/T/Z camera is being used in a surveillance application in an area where humans are not allowed.  Using the facial recognition ability, combined with motion detection, should someone to come into this area, and upon detection, an alarm would sound alerting one of this possible security breach.   A maximum of four areas can be configured, with a detection limit of 32 faces at one time.  8 digital trip wires can be organized with controls for length, angle and vector at one time.

Multiple mounting resources are available for the 1/2.5″ Progressive Scan Sanyo VCC-HD5400 (VCCHD5400) P/T/Z camera, and include indoor pendant mounting, indoor in-ceiling (with bracket, and available in clear and smoke dome covers), camera surface mounted with a side SDHC port, and supports a mic in and line out audio input and output, indoor wall mounting, indoor corner mounting and indoor pole mounting.  This P/T/Z dome camera is quite small at 4.88” x 6.04”, weighing under 3 pounds in weight.

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