School Bus Security Cameras also Used for Vehicle Recognition

buspic     “Most of our kids are great but we really don’t want drivers having to turn heads and being distracted for the handful that aren’t,” said O’Leary. The school division’s transportation department will monitor the cameras and inform school principals of any issues, such as bullying or vandalism. The range of sanctions for offences captured on camera can include a verbal warning, a person being suspended from school or having bus privileges suspended, said O’Leary. One local group that offers support for youths says the cameras might help bullying victims by identifying perpetrators without forcing them to point out their attackers. “Hopefully this alleviates the pressure on a bullying victim to have to come forward,” said Kelly Harrison, spokeswoman for Teen Touch. A letter to parents and guardians of children in Seven Oaks was sent home this week informing them of the use of video surveillance on buses. Under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, people must be informed when video recordings take place. The cameras will be installed on a rotating basis. Along with monitoring activities on buses, they will also be used to record licence plate numbers of any cars that speed past school buses when their stop signs are deployed. “It’s getting to the point where it’s getting very frustrating for our drivers,” said Don Remillard, director of transportation with Seven Oaks. Remillard hopes having the cameras on board will encourage more drivers to obey bus stop signs when children are boarding or leaving the vehicles. Nay, Rob (2008, November 5). ‘Eyes’ Watching Bullies: Seven Oaks puts cameras on its school buses. Winnipeg Sun. Retrieved on November 5, 208 from]]>

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