Sony EVI-D100/EVI-D100P (EVID100/EVID100P) – Remote PTZ at it’s BEST!

As in life, specifics can make or break the situation!  The video world requires precise cameras for effective recording in unique applications. High-speed, high quality video is essential for surveillance information, in courtrooms, video conferencing, training rooms, and concert applications.  The camera needs to be silent in operation, produce high quality color video, and have the flexibility of a remote pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) camera. Sony delivers the goods, with the ideal camera choices in the Sony EVI-D100 (EVID100) / EVI-D100P (EVID100P) CCD cameras.
Uniting auto focus and automatic exposure control with back light compensation, the EVI-D100 (EVID100) and the EVI-D100P (EVID100P) easily handle challenging lighting conditions. Both the EVI-D100 (EVID100) (NTSC) and the EVI-D100P (EVID100P) (PAL) are ¼ type super HAD CCD image sensor cameras, have wide view angles, and utilize 40x zoom (10x optical + 4x digital) for fast, stable auto focus, hands free operation, and produce some of the highest pan/tilt speeds in their class.
·       High Speed, Wide Range Pan/Tilt/Zoom
·       Quiet operation (gear-less camera structure)
·       Built-in conversion lens for wide angle view (65 degrees)
·       Six-position presets with battery back-up (including white balance)
·       Auto sleep function (camera can be set to turn off automatically when not in use)
·       Multiple/various picture effects
·       Multi-function IR remote commander unit
·       Fully controllable remotely via RS-232C serial control by VISCA software
·       White Balance: auto, AW, manual, one-push, 3200K, 5800K.
   ·       Video Signals:
    EVI-D100 (EVID100):         NTSC
    EVI-D100P (EVID100P):     PAL
·       Effective Pixels:
    EVI-D100 (EVID100):        768 (H) x 494 (V)
    EVI-D100P (EVID100P):    752 (H) x 582 (V)
·       Horizontal Resolution:
    EVI-D100 (EVID100)  :       470 TV Lines (wide end)
    EVI-D100P (EVID100P):     460 TV lines (wide end)
·       Shutter Speed:
    EVI-D100 (EVID100):          ¼ to 1/10,000 S
    EVI-D100P (EVID100P):      1/3 to 1/10,000 S
Sony EVI-D100/P
Sony EVI-D100/P


Both the EVI-D100 (EVID100) and the EVI-D100P (EVID100P) are supplied with AC adapter, and an easy to use IR remote commander unit. Available optional accessories include video capture board, RS-232 control cables, daisy chain cables, S-Video cables, a General Purpose Camera Interface Kit (which includes a wall mount), and a joystick controller.
If size is the ultimate criteria in your pan/tilt/zoom camera selection, a comparison with the Sony EVI-D70 (EVID70) PTZ video camera, also reveals that the EVI-D100 (EVID100) is smaller in size at 4-1/2” x 4-3/4” x 5-1/4”, lighter in weight at 1 pound 14 ounces, versus the EVI-D70 at 5 ¼” x 5 ¾” x 5 ¾” in size, and 2 lb 2 oz in weight, and less costly, while retaining multiple comparable features.
USA Security Systems Technology is your authorized Sony distributor, stocking the EVI-D100 (EVID100) and the EVI-D100P (EVID100P) pan/tilt/zoom cameras for immediate availability.  USA Security Systems Technology remains prepared to assist you in all aspects of pan/tilt/zoom camera requirements.
Gail  De Salvo

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