* Sony FCB-H11 SD/HD Block Camera anticipated end of next week

Distributors around the country are receiving word that the arrival of Sony’s new FCB-H11 SD/HD block camera is right around the corner…or more specifically anticipated to arrive at US Sony factories towards the end of next week.. As of this morning, information was received that there’s a good possibility the new block cameras will be arriving at the U.S. Sony factories towards the end of next week. Although the arrival date is not set in stone (because everything changes daily), this is great news for those who put their orders in early on and even better for those looking to integrate the new camera into their applications.

With its high sensitivity (1.0 lx with ICR-on mode), multi-format video outputs (1080i/720p, and NTSC/PAL) and auto ICR for day/night function, The FCB-H11 HD color video camera module is ideal for applications that require real and dynamic, high resolution images, including:

  • Medical imaging
  • Conferencing
  • Cable TV broadcasting,
  • Sport
  • POV applications


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