Sony Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras – Setting ALL Precedents!

Sony has certainly carved a niche out for themselves in the realm of Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) cameras, and USA Security Systems Technology is your only choice for the purchase of Sony Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras!
PTZ cameras are in a category of their own – numerous, and although similar in function, they differ in various aspects.  Their range of capabilities include capturing private surveillance recordings unannounced, or the recording of one-of-a-kind occasions without a whisper.  Providing versatility, these cameras truly have multiple personalities.
These impressive cameras are used in the corporate boardroom, auditoriums and concert halls, in city council meetings and sporting events.  Used by the broadcast industry, educational opportunities, and houses of worship, and, when pre-installed, are conducive to capturing peaceful and tranquil weddings beautifully.
This unique type of camera provides versatility that many other cameras do not have. The sheer nature of the product – pan (ability to move left and right), tilt (able to move up and down), and zoom (in or out), speaks volumes in a security, video conferencing or courtroom application.  With a PTZ camera, utilizing the rotation capability of 360 degrees, the camera can ‘see’ something directly below it thru the combination of a pan/tilt head and a zoom lens.
Conference rooms and boardrooms everywhere are going high definition (HD), and Sony’s HD PTZ camera, the EVI-HD1 (EVIHD1) takes the headache out of this transition with the flip of a switch, in the most literal way! This camera combines a high-quality HD color video camera, with the flexibility of remote pan/tilt/zoom operation. The EVI-HD1 (EVIDHD1) is compatible today with existing video conferencing systems and will be compatible tomorrow with HD based ones. Coupling superb HD picture quality with existing outstanding features, this high definition camera produces smooth, high-speed pan/tilt operation, effortless wide-angle field of view, and a built-in 10x optical zoom/wide angle lens, making it ideal for small to medium size conference rooms.
It comes as no surprise that Sony continues to be the world’s leading robotic camera manufacturer!
The Sony EVI-HD3V (EVID3V) and Sony EVI-HD7V (EVID7V) PTZ’s are their new robotic cameras. In the ever-expanding Sony family, the all-in-one design of these cameras combine Sony high definition PTZ camera technology expertise, with its renowned low-noise pan/tilt mechanism. The capture of intricate visual details creates the feeling of being in the same room with remote participants. Both cameras are suitable for the video conferencing market, broadcast, distance learning, houses of worship, corporate training and small sized rooms such as courtrooms, and boardrooms.  With a 40x digital and optical zoom, these cameras were ahead of the pan/tilt/zoom game from their release.
The Sony EVI-HD3V (EVIHD3V) offers high definition picture quality at an affordable price.  This all-in-one Pan/Tilt Zoom color video camera utilizes 1/3 type high-quality CMOS imaging sensors, providing exceptional full, high definition picture quality. Depending on the application and infrastructure possibilities, the EVI-HD3V (EVIHD3V) has flexibility, providing 4 selectable HD video output options in progressive scan, and is able to support VGA mode for added migration support.
Always ahead of the game, Sony has strengthened its leadership position in high definition cameras by combining their strong tradition in Pan/Tilt/Zoom technology with the release of the EVI-HD7V (EVIHD7V), the first Full HD 1080/60p camera to join the ever-popular EVI selection of products,
Complimenting the line-up for EVI robotic color Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras are the Sony EVI-D70/P (EVID70/P) and the Sony EVI-D100/100P (EVID100/100P) cameras.
When replacing an item in their robotic camera line-up, Sony does it better than anyone!   Taking the place of the industry leading Sony EVI-D30 (EVID30) color PTZ video camera is the new EVI-D70 (EVID70) PTZ video camera.  While these PTZ cameras are not high definition, that doesn’t stop their ability to produce exceptional images!
Utilizing the optical zoom lens and a faster pan/tilt mechanism, it is an perfect choice for distance learning, video conferencing, houses of worship, courtrooms, hospitals and nursing homes, events and concert halls, and just about any other remote shooting application. And best of all, it’s ceiling mountable (also desktop mountable)- a first for Sony’s popular EVI cameras!
The EVI-D70 (EVID70) camera’s auto ICR function is able to automatically switch the settings to attach or remove the IR Cut filter for increased sensitivity. With a set level of darkness, the IR Cut Filter is automatically disabled (ICR ON), and the infrared sensitivity is increased. With a set level of brightness, the filter automatically engages depending on the ambient light, allowing the camera to be effective both in day and night environments.  Using Auto-Tracking, a user can pre-define subjects to be continuously tracked, as four modes for pre-defining are available i.e., pan and tilt, auto zoom, auto exposure, and motion detection.  All camera settings and pan/tilt/zoom functions can be controlled remotely via a PC.
Sony EVI-D100P (EVID100P) P/T/Zoom camera is also a high quality CCD camera with a wide angle view and 40x zoom (10x optical and 4x digital), complete with impressive features of auto focus, auto white balance and automatic exposure control for fast, stable, hands-free operation when the camera changes pan/tilt positions. Because of its high speed, wide range pan/tilt head, this camera moves to pre-determined positions quickly and immediately, with one of the highest pan/tilt speeds in its class.  A supplied remote commander is effective for fundamental P/T/Z camera control.  When the Auto Sleep function is in use, the camera can be set to automatically turn off when not in use after a specific period of time.  The EVI-D100P (EVID100P) camera, like the EVI-D70 (EVID70), has a 6-position preset (with battery backup), multi-function IR Remote Commander unit, high speed, and wide range pan/tilt, and can be controlled through the VISCA input on the rear of the camera.   With its direct drive motors for the gear-less structure of the camera, the noise of the pan/tilt motion is drastically reduced.
Sony’s EVI-D100P (EVID100P) is ideal for applications such as videoconferencing, distance learning and corporate training, surveillance, sports, concerts and Internet communications such as web casting. Included are easy to use presets, daisy-chaining capability and various digital picture effects.
All products offered by USA Security Systems Technologyare in stock, and orders ship the same day if placed before 3pm Mountain time. It is our goal to provide products you need to simplify and quickly resolve your audio/video and security/surveillance needs.

Gail De Salvo
USA Security Systems Technology

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