Sony RM-BR300 Joystick Remote Control Panel for Sony P/T/Z Cameras

The Sony RM-BR300 is an advanced remote control unit for Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) Cameras including the BRC-300, EVI-D100, EVI-D70 and EVI-HD1 cameras all with using the VISCA control system. A joystick controller gives precision camera moves and focus adjustments. For the BRC-300 up to 6 preset camera and lens positions can be programmed for immediate recall. The other camera models have up to 16 preset positions.


Controller operations include adjustments for auto-focus, white balance, the auto-exposure feature and backlight compensation. A tally lamp feature is also possible in these systems. The remote control features are performed using the standard VISCA protocol. A 10 foot cable required for the control functions is included with the package. This controller can perform these functions with up to seven cameras in a daisy-chain configuration.

Other optional accessories include:

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