Sony’s Popular EVI Series Delivers Detailed and Vivid Images

Whatever your application needs may be, Sony has a camera for you!  These PTZ cameras are suitable for remote justice, house of worship, conference rooms, classrooms, security and surveillance.  The Sony EVI-D80, EVI-D90, EVI-H100S, EVI-H100V, robotic cameras with their futuristic design and exceptional picture quality are easy-to-use.  These high-quality Pan/Tilt/Zoom video cameras utilize the RS-232C/RS-422 VISCA™ protocol interface, allowing for easy connectivity.  These cameras are ceiling and desktop mountable and available in black and white. The EVI series of cameras are a way to stay on budget by bringing people and information together in different locations.
The Sony EVID80 is ideal for small room videoconferencing applications inside boardrooms, conference rooms and small classrooms; adding efficiency and clarity to your presentation.  The ¼-type CCD sensor coupled with an 18x optical zoom lens produces a superior standard definition image.  Easy to use and easy to install, this is the lowest cost model of Sony’s popular EVI PTZ camera series.
The Sony EVID90 is a perfect church camera solution for churches, synagogues, mosques and other houses of worship.  This camera has a high zoom capability, multiple views and can be mounted in discreet locations either upside down with E-flip capability or right side up; unseen by the audience. The EVI-D90 has the capability to zoom in on small or distant objects with exceptional clarity making crisp, clear remote viewing possible.
The Sony EVIH100S HDSDI camera maintains a wide field of view perfect for security applications, with a built-in 20x optical zoom lens that delivers detailed and vivid images in 10 formats.  Available in a standard definition format with the ability to change to high definition with a flip of a switch, the EVI-H100S camera protects property from vandalism while deterring other types of criminal activity.
Last but not least is the Sony EVIH100V camera, best known for having a DVI interface with superior picture quality and a 20x zoom lens. This camera is the perfect lower cost solution for remote courtrooms, legal proceedings and many more justice applications due to its cost effectiveness from eliminating the need for inmates to travel which ultimately increases public and officer safety.




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