Tatung TLM-1506T is the LCD Monitor of Choice for Easy, Comfortable Viewing

Tatung’s TLM-1506T commercial grade LCD monitors are great for CCTV applications where monitoring space is limited. Featuring a crisp 15″ active matrix TFT display at 1024X768 native resolution. The TLM-1506T has looping BNC, S-VHS and VGA video inputs as well as audio capability. 500:1 contrast ratio. PAL and NTSC compatible (auto detection).

There is a range of security grade displays that are designed to monitor various video security cameras, including color LCD monitors and public view security monitors, which come in a variety of dimensions to best suit your application. In order to maximize the performance and output of your video security system, most professionals recommend investing in a CCTV monitor or security LCD monitor that is equal or better quality than your video surveillance cameras.

Founded in 1972, Tatung Company of America, Inc. is a worldwide provider of technologically superior products, customer solutions, and manufacturing services. Some of the major applications that are perfectly suited for Tatung products are from the security industry.


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Why is it So Important to Invest on a Quality CCTV Monitor

A CCTV monitor is an important component of a security camera system. It is the video monitor used to view the video that is captured by the security DVR. CCTV monitors come in all different sizes, types, and price options. The goal when buying the best CCTV monitor is to buy the one that has the highest resolution, and comes with the best warranty!

The CCTV monitor industry has made huge strides in the past 5 years due to the explosion of high resolution IP cameras and traditional CCTV cameras. The manufacturers of CCTV monitors have been forced to raise the bar in order to ensure the monitors match the resolution of the security cameras hitting the market place. As a result there are now high definition CCTV monitors offered at affordable prices! If the CCTV monitor you are using doesn’t match the resolution of the cameras you are viewing, then you are just not seeing what your cameras are seeing. And you may really be missing out on the performance of your overall system.

When choosing a CCTV monitor the resolution is always the most important specification. The last thing you want to do is watch the video your cameras are capturing at a lower resolution. This is common when people decide not to use a CCTV monitor and instead use a standard computer monitor. Doing this only causes you to miss out on the fine details your cameras are capturing like identifying a face, a license plate number, or small movements of people in the areas you are trying to secure. Using a low resolution monitor just hinders the performance of your camera system and wastes your investment.

Many people make the mistake and attach just an inexpensive computer monitor to their security camera system. As we have already explained the resolution will just not be there for you to take full advantage of the performance of your system. But most importantly, the computer monitor will not last and is not made to support the tough job a CCTV monitor is asked to do. Unlike a computer monitor, a CCTV monitor is manufactured and designed to be on and working 24-7 all year long. So you could end up buying 3 computer monitors in the amount of time a single good quality CCTV monitor would last you.

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