Toshiba's IK series camera heads and control unit.

Toshiba’s IK-CU44A camera control unit and remote heads. CCD color cameras and a camera control unit with options to control three different heads. The IK-M44 series cameras and camera control units use the latest 410,000 pixel sensors that have micro lens technology.

The camera control unit accepts 1/2 inch lipstick cameras (IK-M44H), 1/2 c mount cameras (IK-C44H) and it also supports the micro 1/4 inch IK-SM43H. All of which are Toshiba CCD camera heads.
Some of the features of the Toshiba IK-CU44A and its remote camera heads are:  
  • 470 line resolution from all Camera heads
  • 17mm O.D. (1/2 inch CCD) Micro Camera head
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) enhances image quality
  • RS-232 allows PC control of Camera’s CCU
  • 410,000 pixel CCD imager
  • Auto-shutter mode controls light from 1/60 to 1/10,000 of a second
  • Automatic tracking white balance
  • Simultaneous Y/C and Composite Outputs
  • Minimum illumination of 2.5 lux
  • Cable lengths of up to 30 meters
The IK-CU44 series camera control units and camera heads are perfect for applications that need a camera that is small so it is not to take up space but can still be able to shoot high quality color images.
Applications like:
  • Security
  • Assembly lines
  • Schools
  • Back up cameras on trucks
  • Quality control

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